Hello world

Hello world

Our Website is online. Finally the world is able to see, what we are working on since November 2013. Our vision is to provide all the people out there that are in the mood to make new experiences, interact with others and discover the unseen, with a map to guide and connect them. We believe in a connected city, based on the possibility of users to create information about places on a map, communicate with other users and take action in reality. The user-interface is a mobile optimzed map, adapting in real time to current events. Users can post those events simply captured in so called bubbles on a map, describing it with pictures, comments, audio and videos. A bubble does not only contain information, but also provides a communication forum to connect with the people at the certain location. Depending on users engagement, bubbles either grow in their relevancy and visibility or slowly get smaller and eventually disappear, so that the live character of the world is put into a digital product.

We happy to share updates from now on in our blog and on the website. Have a great day!!

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