In 2021, there will be about 7 billion mobile users on the market and it is projected that on average 90% of their time will be spent on mobile applications. Apps have long been a part of everyday life and provide almost all basic services: making appointments, ordering groceries, learning languages ​​or booking a restaurant table.

Market statistics clearly show that mobile applications are one of the most profitable niches for development and investment:

  • On average, smartphone users install 60–90 applications per month and spend about 2 hours and 15 minutes on them.
  • By 2022, consumer spending in app stores worldwide will increase by 92%.
  • App users spend 77% of their time on the top three apps and the rest of their time on the top ten.
  • 87% of users check their phone an hour before bed, and 69% of them check their phone 5 minutes before going to bed.
  • 75% of applications are opened only once and are never used again.
  • On average, 100,000 new Android apps are released each month in the Google Play Store – three times as many as in the Apple App Store.
  • In 2019, users downloaded 204 billion apps.

Looking at the statistics and changes related to the coronavirus, we can say that 2021 will change the mobile app development industry. Thousands of projects are already being released on the market every day, and this number will only grow.

If you are also looking for a million dollar mobile app idea, we suggest exploring 12 mobile app development ideas from various fields.

Ideas for developing mobile apps for business

Augmented reality for e-commerce applications

Mobile e-commerce sales will reach $ 420 billion by 2021, and 82% of users will shop online in the near future.

You can take these statistics to the next level by developing an app with built-in augmented reality (AR) technology. Create an interface with which you can try makeup, try on clothes, or see how furniture will look in the interior.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots

Improve customer relationships by instantly resolving customer issues. With the increasing competition in the market, users have many options to choose from, so they don’t want to wait long for an answer to their queries.

In this case, AI-powered chatbots will help you instantly answer questions and add support to your application.

According to research, more than 50% of users prefer to interact with companies that operate 24/7, and 30% of customer support costs can be reduced by using chatbots.

Using a bot, you can interact with customers without human intervention and not get tired of a large number of requests.

Service marketplace application

On-demand applications are rapidly changing and changing the world around us, whether it is ordering a taxi, hiring a professional, finding the best salon or a master.

According to the latest report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), the mobile app market in services will reach $ 335 billion by 2025. In addition, users in this niche spend an average of $ 57.6 billion per year, which presents good opportunities for startups.

Regardless of which sector you plan to invest in, marketplace apps can be developed across multiple domains and integrate with different technologies to ensure a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

Medical and fitness applications

Traditional medicine app

One day in life, there comes a moment when we begin to miss grandma’s health advice. You can solve this problem using an application that will tell you the right folk remedy for treatment. But be careful: make sure your app makes recommendations based on different geographic and cultural data of users, and analyzes their age and symptoms well. You can also add a Call Doctor button to quickly access an ambulance in an emergency.

Health Tracker & Nutrition Planning App

Apps can help you check your health every day and keep track of your diet to help you create your ideal diet. You can expand the app’s capabilities to include nutritional tips, simple recipes, or a list of low-carb diet foods suggested by a professional nutritionist.

Let users choose their own meal plan that best suits their health conditions, and partner with grocery stores to get the groceries they need.

Food delivery app

There are many food delivery apps, but each one has unique features to offer as the food delivery industry opens up new business opportunities in 2021. For example, you can add customization to a dish with a choice of ingredients, and then it will be cooked at a nearby restaurant.

Restaurant booking app

In a modern and rapidly changing world, no one has time to wait at a restaurant to eat their favorite dish. Offer people a mobile app to help them book a restaurant table on a specific day and time.

You can hire developers to make the application more interesting by adding a new set of features. It will be able to integrate customer reviews, ratings, reviews, images or restaurant panoramas to help users make a choice.

Educational Apps

Book exchange

A book sharing app can be an indispensable companion for book lovers who don’t have the ability or desire to buy new books or subscribe to them.

You can create a common platform for people to collect books and share them with registered users. This can be implemented as the idea of ​​a simple mobile application, or complicated. For example, in the application, you can create book-type categories, add a chat option, arrange meetings or hold online meetings (very important in 2020).

Finding an online tutor

The wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire education system and transferred traditional schools to online learning. Pupils and students now need extra help from a mentor to cope with their curriculum.

Offer them an option to help them find the best tutors based on location, experience, skill, industry, and hourly tuition fees. Invite teachers and students to the same platform to avoid mediation. You can earn by charging a service fee each month through tutors or by requesting a portion of the tuition fee.

Applications from various fields

Dating apps

Now it’s not so difficult to find your soul mate – in online dating apps, people are more comfortable communicating with new people. This segment is projected to reach $ 2,725 million in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 11.6%.

Given the popularity and growth of such applications, it makes sense to hire developers now to develop an application for ios or android in order to build an interface with unique functions.

Job search with flexible terms

During the pandemic, many brands and businesses were closed, and people were left out of work. So developing a mobile app that offers jobs to a large number of people around the world would be a great idea.

You can create a common platform where employers and job seekers can help each other. Companies will be able to post vacancies for certain working hours or on a contract basis, and specialists will look for work, filtering offers by skills, experience, knowledge and form of employment.

Travel planning

It is difficult and time-consuming to explore each country and city, taking into account your budget and free time, but with the help of the application, the user can quickly draw up a travel plan and make the necessary lists. With the help of the developers, you can create an application that will offer complete travel packages or destinations according to a person’s request.

Regardless of which android or iOS app idea you choose, success will depend on the skills of the team and the experience of the programmers. Sometimes a mobile application with a brilliant idea cannot reach the market due to its complex functionality, while a simple but carefully designed project will immediately conquer the audience.

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