bubble it! – your personal live guide @SXSW

bubble it! – your personal live guide @SXSW

We are happy to be part of SXSW this year.

Let’s shortly break down what bubble it! has to offer:

-        A live map that tells you what is happening right now around you.

-        A newsfeed that informs you about the hottest things going on

-        We inform you via push notifications about particular events that are just around the corner and you definitely don’t want to miss. Forget about FOMO

-        If you speak to us in the offline world, or write an e-mail to tim@bubble-it.today and tell us your username, we have something incredible to offer. We completely personalize your push notifications: You really can’t miss anything out. Just talk to us and let us know which of the following categories you want to be informed about:

o   Free Beer

o   Innovative technology

o   Stars and celebrities

o   Amazing performances

o   Very happy people


You can find us pitching or representing bubble it! for sure at these official SXSW events:

-       StartUp Dating Game at Friday, 3.30pm at Hilton Austin, Salon K

-       Austin Convention Center at Sunday 4pm at Booth #1019


Otherwise just watch out for the guys in the bubble shirts and if you want to meet up in person, please Email / Call Tim or Witali, or find us on the bubble map.

tim@bubble-it.today with the number (415) 530 7001

witali@bubble-it.today with the number (415) 602 6541


Have an incredible time everybody!

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