A summer of bubbles

A wonderful Friday everybody

we hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer. There has been a lot going on on our side during these last months and we thought it’s time to get you up to date again.

Our team is now in the crucial and exciting phase of final product development. Below you find a chronologic overview of the most important events within the last months:

We are a company now! And it’s all about building incredible products and writing beautiful code. That’s why we are CodeKarussell!

In June, we won the Exist-Scholarship, awarded by the German Ministry of Economics. This means a lot to us as we are financially independent now and can focus completely on the vision and the goals of bubbleApp.

In August, we entered the closed-beta phase for iOS and since then, it’s getting really exiting. The next beta-meetup will be in Berlin for the first time. If you want to become a tester, swing by on the 5th of October at 7pm at Modersohnstraße 60. Just write us an email.

In September we also entered closed-beta on Android. We could persuade new bubblers with pitch and product during the Pirate Summit in Cologne. The feedback we got during these very intense days was fundamental for our new iteration that will be offered as a public beta test later this fall.

Just two weeks ago we were happy to win the “Sonderpreis Digital” presented byWirtschaftsjunioren Köln and awarded at dmexco.

So, if you are around Berlin on Sunday, the 5th of October, come around and become a bubbleApp test user. There will be some beer, cool people, new features and a lot to talk about. Let us know until the 3rd if you are on board.

So far from us, if you have comments, questions or feedback, just write an email to [email protected]

All the best,
Björn, Niko and Tim