With the development of the power of smartphones, computer games have moved into the phone, and now anyone can download the application and go through a couple of levels while riding the subway or standing in line. If for people it is an opportunity to spend time interestingly, then for companies it is to make money and gain fame.

In the article, we tell you how to choose the type of future game, how to develop it, and what stages you have to go through.

Popular genres of mobile games

Knowing the basic mechanics will help you make your choice, follow other companies and understand general trends while promoting. According to Newzoo, in 2020-2021, the following genres were included in the TOP-5 genres of gaming mobile applications:


One of the oldest types of games stands for Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. Here, the developers create separate fantasy worlds like Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings with dungeons, monsters, dragons, demons and gods. Participants pump the hero, gaining skills and strength in battles with other players or invented characters. In popular applications, up to several thousand heroes can simultaneously play online in online mode, dividing into groups of 5-100 people.

Previously, only computers could pull this, but with the development of smartphones, MMORPG without problems switched to the mobile version.

Examples: Arcane Legends, Adventure Quest, Dungeon Hunter 5.


They are a mixture of RTS (English real-time strategy, RTS) and action. A person controls one of the characters and selects skills and abilities: usually they are magicians, knights or warriors. By uniting in groups, people compete with each other for products, objects and power in the virtual world. To successfully complete the stages, you need a good reaction speed and movement of your fingers on the screen and enough patience to complete the fight.

In the mobile version, there is no such depth of mechanics and strategy as in the computer versions, but this does not prevent you from grabbing attention for a long time.

Examples of MOBA: Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Vainglory.

Battle royale

The idea was borrowed in part from the films “Battle Royale” and “The Hunger Games”, with players fighting with each other for ammunition, armor, buildings, etc. to stay alive. Resources are distributed across the map, and the player must collect and properly manage them in order to maintain power.

Large-scale maps, a large selection of weapons and armor make the user experience especially exciting. The main audience of Battle Royale is teenagers 8-15 years old. Almost all gaming applications do not charge, and the creators earn through advertising.

Examples: Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone.

Card games

To exchange cards, you need to participate in battles with other participants, earning good cards or buying them for real money.

Matches can be up to 30 minutes long, and the process includes a winning mechanic based on luck – this maintains a sense of excitement and a desire to win no matter what. Card games are usually free, but people can pay extra for a good deck.

Examples: Hearthstone, Eternal, Shadowverse, HEX: Shards of Fate.


They cover a large market share: more than 50% of phone owners install at least one such game application on their phone. Puzzles grab attention and require you to use ingenuity and logic to win, but they do not hurt your fingers when you touch the screen as other types, but they are no less intriguing. It can be Tetris, Sudoku, or number problems.

Examples: Cut the rope, Rusty Lake, Roll the ball, Love Poly.

Criteria for choosing the genre of the game


Now the competition in the mobile games market is quite high, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to create a project on your knees with a minimum budget. It is better to soberly assess your capabilities and, based on the estimate, choose the appropriate genre. The more complex the mechanics, the more money you will need to create it. If the budget is small, it is better to choose a light game with minimal technical requirements.

Team Capabilities

For a start, it is better to choose genres in which you have experience. You should not immediately take on a large-scale Battle Royale if the people in the team previously developed only races and puzzles.


Study your competitors in the genres of interest. When niches are crammed with top-tier projects, it will be difficult to gain popularity. This will require a lot of money and a short time frame to have time to release the project before a competitor comes up with a more interesting version. In most cases, it’s better to choose another option and not waste the money, time and effort of the team.


The ability to predict trends will help you avoid outdated ideas that will leave marketplaces in the near future and choose promising options. For example, experts predict the growth of 3D technologies in the future. Now such applications are not widespread, but in a few years they may well take off in the ratings. It’s better to create something unique than to uselessly trying to improve existing expensive projects.

Approaches to game selection

Before getting started, developers have two choices: create a completely unique app, or use proven game mechanics. Both options can be successful and have their own merits and demerits.

Copy tested mechanics

pros Minuses
Minimal risk of failure
The technology has already been tested on users and perfected to the smallest detail

Ready design
No need to spend budget and time creating new game designs. Everything is checked and refined for you.

Short time
Development time is much lower than that of a unique game due to minimal changes to the original mechanics.

Need a large marketing budget
An analogue of a popular game is unlikely to cause a “wow effect” and will spread virally, so the main traffic will have to be attracted through advertising.

Small market share
The main competitors are already taking the main profit. Growth will be slower than with unique development.

Risk of releasing the game lateIf the development process drags on, it is likely that by the time of release it will no longer be relevant.

Create a unique game

pros Minuses
“Wow effect”
New games bring new user experiences to players, and they seek to share emotions with friends and invite them to join. This creates a viral effect when the game promotes itself without extra investment.

Large market share
If you succeed in creating a new gaming technology, there is a chance to immediately conquer the majority of the audience.

Free publications in the media
Gaming resources and bloggers are always in search of unique content and industry news. It can bring free traffic and organic audience growth.

High risk of failure
Launching a new product on the market is always risky and can lead to application failure.

Long development time
Building mobile games from scratch takes more time and effort to refine, fix bugs, and test.

Large investments
Developing a unique game is much more expensive than creating a clone.

Stages of mobile game development

Idea development

Research the market and genres, select the main target audience and an interesting product that they will like.

Monetization strategy

Usually, it is free to play, but inside the interface, users can buy additional features and functions or watch ads in exchange for free access.

The main monetization methods used by developers:

  • Advertising. To avoid negative reviews, players are often presented with additional per-view bonuses.
  • Subscription. The user deducts a certain amount every month and receives a premium account without ads and additional bonuses.
  • In-game currency. By investing in it with real money, users can make purchases.

Category selection

There are three main categories in the game making industry:

  • Hyper casual. A short game without a plot with easy mechanics and simple controls.
  • Midcore. Game mechanics that require more time and strategic thinking. There is an easy plot and action planning. The most popular option in marketplaces.
  • Hardcore. With a high level of difficulty and a well-developed game world for experienced gamers. Typically created for audiences with an interest in specific genres.

Platforms for creating mobile games

Developers have a wide range of programs:

  • Unreal Engine. A proven platform suitable for large and small projects on any mobile platform. From tools: C ++ and Blueprints visual scripts.
  • Unity. A platform with a large selection of tools: a graphical editor, quick debugging, support for any platform and creation of titles.
  • AppGameKit. There are many ready-made solutions for rapid development, built-in monetization technologies, and a fast compiler.
  • MonoGame. Suitable for creating cross-platform applications, will help beginners in creating their first projects: many tutorials have been written for the platform.
  • Marmalade SDK. Includes libraries, tools for quickly coding, testing and deploying applications.

Gameplay development

Giving a sense of excitement and engagement is the main task of the gameplay. To retain the audience, they use short-term levels and unlock additional functions, bonuses and secret items.


Most often, the platform for Android is chosen for the first launch – it has free publication and a larger audience than iOS. Ideally, the application can be cross-platform in order to get as much traffic as possible.

Game design

In game design, you need to work out the story, characters, small details and the user path down to the details. It is he who will distinguish himself from competitors and create a positive impression.


Before launching on the marketplace, the application is tested on a potential audience and errors are corrected in advance. The more carefully the check is carried out, the less negative reviews there will be after publication.

Where to order a mobile game

Our AppCraft studio has been developing mobile applications for more than 10 years / We take on all stages: from analytics to publication, help with marketing and provide prompt technical support.

Fill out the form below to get a free consultation and find out the cost of developing a mobile application.

According to the App Annie platform, iOS app users spend almost twice as much on the Apple App Store as Android users on the Google Play Store – in the last quarter of 2020, the Apple App Store earned $ 19 billion, and Google Play $ 10.3 billion. …

Apple owners are more solvent, which means that an application on IOS can bring more profit. If you want to attract new customers and make the buying process more convenient, the AppCraft team will develop a product from scratch that will take your business to the next level.

Development of a turnkey IOS mobile application – from 600 thousand rubles to several million rubles.

Who needs IOS app development?

Big business

It systematizes the work of all structures within the company and branches, automates interaction with customers and helps to quickly receive feedback, analyze the effectiveness of employees and eliminate costs.

Online stores

The application will attract buyers and increase the number of repeat sales, allow you to set up individual Push notifications for each user and create an effective loyalty system. The application can be integrated with CRM, enterprise management and accounting systems.


It will help you quickly attract the target audience and get the first profit, bypass competitors with the help of modern technologies and present your product to potential investors.

Why do you need to develop an application?

  • App Store users download more paid apps than Google Play, so a product with a paid download or in-software purchase will be a profitable investment in your project.
  • The target audience of IOS applications is people with above-average income who are actively buying new solutions on the market.
  • IOS applications allow you to implement a large number of useful functions for different requests.
  • Fast product development time: Apple devices are unified and have fewer versions than Android, so they take less time to build.

Appcraft studio has been developing applications for companies for more than 9 years, their further support and promotion in the App Store. We have assembled an experienced team of developers and marketers who will take into account the specifics of your business and make it convenient for your audience. We are based in Moscow and work with companies throughout Russia.

Order the development of a mobile application for IOS to increase the profit of your business.

Specificity of mobile applications on iOS

The first and main distinguishing feature of ios applications is that the number of devices is much smaller than the number of Android smartphones. This means that it should be easier to adapt the appearance of a mobile application to the current iPhones on the market.

At the same time, with the release of each new device and the update of the operating system, the vast majority of mobile applications need to be adapted to new conditions. App Store statistics show that iPhone users are eager to update to the latest version of the OS. Therefore, applications must comply with its requirements, for example, support the dark theme introduced in devices in 2019.

The diagrams below show that in one month since the presentation of iOS 13, 50% of users have updated to it… This looks especially interesting in comparison with the statistics that we provide in the article on development for Android.

Operating system update statistics on iOS devices as of October 15, 2019

At the same time, the screens of modern iOS devices have a good resolution. This allows the use of thin fonts: they are not distorted, as is the case on low quality displays.

Also, the device architecture of the same type allows not to carry out additional checks at the start of the application: there is no need to check the presence of a camera, GPS sensor or accelerometer.

Features of development and creation of applications for IOS (iphone)

And yet, despite the fact that the base of devices on the iOS platform is much smaller than on Android, there are a lot of nuances of creating and developing applications for the iphone. Design, up-to-date code, and the use of smartphone features in the creation and development of applications for the iphone can greatly increase user loyalty, which will lead to an increase in the rating of the application in the store. But first things first:

When developing applications for ios, it is necessary to take into account not only screen sizes, which is important when designing an application, but also hardware differences of each device

In our studio, applications are developed in a native way – this is writing a program in the base language for the iOS platform – Swift. Apple strongly recommends using native technologies for the fastest, most intuitive app and the latest operating system features.

Let’s return to the diagrams with update statistics: it turns out that when a new version of the operating system is released, most users are almost immediately updated to it. But the new version may be very different from the previous one, and some functions of the application may not work correctly or not work at all.

Respectively the code needs to be kept up to date, while Apple does not provide a complete list of all the innovations in advance, giving access only to beta versions with unfinished functionality, the implementation of which may differ in the end. Therefore, within a few weeks after the release of the final version of the new OS, you need to test the mobile application and quickly adapt it to the new conditions, if necessary.

Dark Theme Presentation at 2019 Apple WWDC

The addition of new features in the latest versions can be attributed to the same topic, since progress does not stand still, and Apple tries to be in trend, introducing the top inventions of the technology world into its product. For example, in iOS 13, it became possible to forget about entering different applications by phone number or social network account, not to mention the long-forgotten username and password: now you can simply click the “sign in with Apple ID” button and, without filling out anything extra, get into the application. Moreover, the user can choose the option to hide his Apple ID, and no one will get access to his e-mail.

It is important to take this nuance into account not only when developing applications for ios, but also in a marketing strategy, since collecting such data for their further use is a frequent practice in promoting applications. You can send a letter to the pseudo-address generated by Apple for the user through a specialized channel, but mass mailings will not work this way, at least until popular mailing services provide this feature.

Another block of features of developing ios applications from scratch is design… The visual component has always been a priority for Apple, so the audience of users is used to stylish interfaces, intuitive application controls and an obvious layout of sections. Moreover, there is a strict guideline, which must be adhered to in order to successfully pass the verification for publishing an application in the App Store.

Sometimes, when creating a new product, customers ask us to make as many unique icons, buttons and fonts as possible, while the platform requirements are the opposite. But the most important thing here is user experience, and practice shows that the user can get to the profile faster if he is uniquely identified by the icon.

What icons shouldn’t be used in the iOS interface

Another feature of the development of mobile applications for iOS is the implementation of the dynamic size of the system font. IOS device users can change the OS-wide default font size. If your application does not dynamically change the font and displays it at a fixed size all the time, it will be perceived as a low-quality product for this segment of the audience.

When developing a design, it is also important to consider that some users open the application in the mode tablet compatibility… On some iPad models, the resolution of the work area becomes the same as on older iPhone models: 4 and 4s. Apple’s App Review Service often does just that: even iPhone-only apps are checked on the iPad.

This means that you need to consider the layout of the interface of applications and on screen sizes of 960 × 640 pixels, not just on the iPhone 6 and above. Many elements may overlap each other, text will not wrap correctly, etc.

Apple’s App Store Publishing Policy

After you have developed the application yourself or ordered the development of an ios application, the moment of publication comes. The App Store has stringent requirements that must be followed when publishing an app. It is important not only to comply with all style guides when developing a design, but also to ensure the confidentiality of the user’s personal data, the stability of the application during operation and, most importantly, its usefulness.

One of the reasons for the refusal to publish may be that the reviewer considers the application useless, or not useful enough against the background of many similar applications in the App Store. In this case, the functionality of the application should be revised, adding to it, among other things, elements affecting the innovations of the operating system. Such applications are readily passed on, encouraging developers to continue to support the latest OS features.

It is worth noting a number of formal points that are very important to take into account when creating a mobile application for iOS:

  1. To place a product in the App Store, you need to register as a developer, pay a fee of $ 99 per year and correctly fill in all the data about yourself. If you plan to release a product as a legal entity, the registration procedure will take longer, and you need to lay down on this process from a week to a month. Therefore, we advise you to create a developer account as soon as development has started – this will help to place it in the store without unnecessary delays by the time the application is ready for launch.
  2. It is necessary to prepare materials for the application page: screenshots of a strictly specified format and size (even 1 extra pixel plays a role and pictures will not be accepted), advertising and general description of the application, keywords, privacy policy (write and place the file so that it is accessible by link). And you also need to provide for an easy entrance to the application for verifiers, since if it is necessary to register with a phone number with SMS confirmation, they will not be able to get inside and check the application, and they will immediately reject it. Usually we generate a given phone number and a code by which you can enter the application, bypassing the receipt of SMS.
  3. The application itself can be validated from one day to a week. In exceptional cases, this period may be longer, but, as a rule, the application is verified within a few days. This is also worth considering when planning a marketing campaign – it is worth leaving a margin between the day of sending for verification and the start of advertising at least a few days.

Apple’s requirements are not limited to the side, for example, placing the button “Download on the App Store” on your landing page is also regulated by the rules, so it will not be possible to paint it in the colors of the product.

Although there are many rules and conditions for placement, you just need to act according to a verified plan and follow the recommendations, then the risk of encountering problems will be reduced to a minimum.


When developing ios applications from scratch, it is important to consider the following features:

  1. The device park is relatively small and they have the same architecture – this is good.
  2. At the same time you need to ensure comfortable work with the interface and on small screens, in compatibility mode with which applications open on tablets.
  3. Devices are updated to the latest version of the operating system quickly – this is wonderful.
  4. All current devices use high-resolution Retina display… You can use thin fonts and elements, and not be afraid of their incorrect color or outline display.
  5. When designing an interface must follow Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  6. When publishing an app all requirements of the App Store Review Guidelines must be considered, there are many of them and they are very diverse.
  7. You need to prepare for publication in advance: it may take 3-4 weeks to get the required DUNS number, check the documents and the application itself.

The list of requirements is quite extensive, in addition, for each type of application it expands into its own specifics, but following these development principles allows us to make really high-quality products. In our studio you can always order the development of ios applications in Moscow and Russia.

According to Adjust, in 2020, the number of sessions in mobile apps grew by 30%, and in the first quarter of 2021, installs grew by 31%. Fintech projects, games with a simple and repetitive storyline, and online stores have become especially popular. If you have an idea for your own project or it’s already ready for release, it’s time to explore ways to promote it. We at AppCraft have been developing and promoting mobile apps for over 10 years. In this article, we share our experience and tell you how to study the audience, determine the key metrics of success, and which sites to choose.

Preliminary project analytics

Before launching, study your users – what devices they use, why they download, what functions they use most often, what updates are awaiting, and so on. This information will help you develop a smart mobile app promotion strategy.

Create a detailed portrait of your audience:

  • Age, gender, interests, income, time zone, education;
  • What problem / need a person solves with the help of your software;
  • Software type and phone models;
  • What user journey people go through, what features they like, how much time they spend, and how often they come back;
  • How many purchases can one person make during the entire period of use;
  • Which does not suit you. For example, a long download, an inconvenient shopping cart or support does not resolve the issue.

You can collect information on CustDev or with the analytics tools described below. Organize face-to-face interviews with people and divide them into segments to plan a campaign for each of them.

Before starting the promotion, study your users. To do this, we recommend compiling a portrait of the target audience.

Product metrics and activity parameters

To measure the bottom line of your ad campaign, define your own success metrics. For example, get 5,000 downloads, 4,000 transactions from promotion, or get into the top three in your niche. Choose metrics, tools, and budget based on your goal.

Here are the parameters to help you measure your results:

  • DAU (Daily Active Users) – the sum of daily active users.
  • WAU (Weekly Active Users) – active clients by week.
  • MAU (Monthly Active Users) – users per month.
  • Session time – the period from start to close.
  • Sticky Factor – Loyalty. It is calculated by the ratio of the number of visitors per day (DAU) to the monthly parameter (MAU).
  • Retention Rate – the level of engagement.
  • Churn Rate – refusals.
  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) – the cost of attracting customers.
  • CPI (Cost per Instal) – the price for downloading the software.
  • LTV (Lifetime Value) – the average profit for the time of use. The result is considered positive if the LTV exceeds the CPI.
  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) – the average income that comes from each client. This parameter can be used to determine the loyalty to prices.
To effectively assess the promotion of an application, it is important to choose a toolkit and key performance indicators based on the set goals.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of a sales funnel by the following factors:

  • percentage of downloads and registrations;
  • the number of people who have studied the tutorial / completed the profile;
  • the proportion of users who reached the cart / passed to level 2 in the game / bought a subscription.

Monetization can be assessed by the sum of the first and second payments, and to assess customer acquisition, consider the Retention Rate at 1, 7 and 30 days after downloading.

Analytics tools

They will simplify the collection of information, provide up-to-date statistics and help to adjust advertising for search engine queries. Let’s analyze the most popular services: Google Analytics, Firebase, Facebook Analytics and Apple Analytics.

Google analytics

Android, iOS

It will help you find all the necessary information about the user: where he lives and what he is interested in, how he finds, how much he uses and what he buys. Google Analytics 4 dumps data into one report. Cons: does not work with iTunes.

To start, add the Firebase SDK to the software and enable integration with Google Analytics. The program itself will start collecting data and generating a report.


iOS, Android, Unity, C ++

This is a service from Google for software development and analytics. Firebase provides cloud storage, crash reporting, transaction information, connects to Google Analytics 4 and segments audiences even in narrow directions.

Facebook Analytics

Android and limited functions for iOS

Helps to collect reports within the social network. Examines the entire user journey in real time, maintains statistics, predicts trends and sends notifications if something changes in audience behavior. It will work with Android without problems, and in iOS there are limits and delays due to restrictions on the collection of information.



Provides analytics from the App Store. Tracks the amount of impressions in the store, counts user engagement and analyzes their behavior, displays sales data.


iOS, Android

Shows which channels people come from, what path they take and how many people remove the product, calculates the cost of new customers. Analyzes the success of re-engagement, profit from banners within the project.

Test promotion

First, do a “soft-launch” – test the project on a small segment of the target audience to quickly get feedback and fix bugs.

In the process of soft-launch, you can understand how quickly a person gets to the functions he needs, whether monetization works well, at what stage people fall off and what they write in reviews.

For the test, select

  • A statistically sufficient number of consumers for which you will customize the offer.
  • Customer segments.
  • Soft-launch duration. Usually 2-3 months are enough.
  • How much of the total marketing budget can you allocate for tests.

What metrics can you track?

  • Amount of attracted applications and traffic sources;
  • CPI – average price of one download;
  • Organic growth – dynamics of growth in the number of people attracted through “organic” traffic;
  • Engagement;
  • Retention rate;
  • How much time a person spends on one session and for the entire time of use.

Did the soft test live up to expectations and perform well? Finish the little things and head to the main market. If you find many flaws, postpone the start and come back with an updated product.

Platforms and methods for promoting mobile applications

Google Play, App Store

Optimize product descriptions and banners for each site, this will help attract more people and avoid problems during moderation.

  • Explore the titles, descriptions, and reviews of other projects in the niche.
  • Find keywords and phrases that accurately describe the software’s functions.
  • Upload high quality and informative screenshots, videos.
  • Set up a pop-up asking for feedback and ratings in the marketplace.

After optimization, banners can be launched.

Universal App Campaign (UAC)


UAC is used to run advertisements on the websites of search partners, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, recommendations in Google Search and other placements.

To run you can use:

  • Banners with animation of fixed size
  • Images with static graphics. You can create combinations for different ad sizes.
  • Video banners. More effective than other formats, but not at every site.

Most often, all three types of ads are used to get the maximum response.

Features of Universal App Campaign

  • Determine the purpose of the ad: to increase the number of installs, to perform certain actions, or to increase the value of actions.
  • The system does not translate banners. The language must match the targeting language.
  • It will be easier for the program to generate effective ad combinations if you add as many descriptions, banners and headlines as possible.
  • Create as many formats as possible during tests.
  • It is better to increase the budget gradually, up to 30% per day.
  • To train the system, you need to receive at least 100 conversions per week.

Apple Search Ads


A platform for advertising in the top search bar of the App Store.

You can work in two formats:

  • Basic. The system will configure everything by itself, so it is suitable for beginners. Payment for installation only.
  • Advanced. There is an advanced toolkit for campaigns, but only experienced users will be able to evaluate. Pay per clicks.

A typical card or your own version of the description is used as an advertisement. After the start, you can monitor the effectiveness of each keyword, adjust the bid and banners.

Tips for Apple Search Ads

  • For large coverage, study the market and competitors’ offerings to highlight the principles of search in marketplaces.
  • Divide keywords into segments.
  • Make personalized offers for different types of keywords.
  • Use auto-targeting Dynamic match – it performs well with unique queries.


To get started with Facebook, sign up and set up your campaign. To do this: register a project on the Facebook for developers platform, install the SDK (Software development kit) and choose a strategy.

Possible strategy options:

  • increase the number of installations;
  • increase the amount of clicks on links;
  • increase activities within the project.

Recommendations for writing an effective ad:

  • Show the benefits with facts and compelling statistics;
  • Describe the benefits visually;
  • add a call to action button;
  • test as many ad variations as possible;
  • avoid narrow audience segments;
  • choose pay per click only if you are sure of a high conversion;
  • set a minimum price for installation on a limited budget.

Promotion through VKontakte

VKontakte integrates with the myTarget download tracking system, which can launch campaigns in Odnoklassniki, Moi Mir and Mail.ru services. In general, the algorithm of action coincides with the Facebook format: you need to specify deep links, create and set up an advertising campaign, and in the process analyze statistics and adjust to the results.

Google ADS

iOS, Android

The platform has generic tools for every operating system. The advertiser only needs to calculate the budget, determine the location and language of the target audience, and launch targeting. Ads will appear on AdMob, Display Network, Gmail, SERPs, and partner sites. Through ADS, banners can also be launched on GooglePlay.

To connect an advertising campaign, use the most conversion words, dividing them into clusters. Then select the resources and types of publication impressions.

Promotion of mobile applications through YouTube

The most effective way to get the word out about a product is to reach out to a blogger. He already has a loyal audience to whom he will be able to convey all the benefits. Unlike advertisements, there is more space for creativity. Bloggers can be found in almost any direction: business, games, learning, creativity, science, etc. and order a review.

How to choose a blogger

Choose a blogger by topic, reach, popularity, and engagement. Use independent services WhatStat and LiveDune to evaluate statistics, watch videos on his channel and comments. Choosing the right blogger can reduce the installation cost.

Promotion and placement plan

  1. List bloggers. Choose the one that suits your performance and budget.
  2. Start negotiations with a blogger, draw up a technical assignment, agree on a video release date and posting format: review, selection of TOPs, native integration.
  3. Agree on the scenario.
  4. Check the output of the video and analyze the statistics.

Efficiency can be assessed using a universal formula:

Installs 7 days after the advertisement – (traffic on the link 7 days + organic orders a week before the video)

You can work with bloggers on your own or contact an agency. Specialists take a commission, but noticeably shorten the approval period and take on all stages of cooperation.

To develop a product is 50% of success. The remaining 50 depend on the effectiveness of the advertisement. The AppCraft team will help you create a useful mobile application, build a marketing strategy and find your target customers. The cost of the work will depend on the terms of reference and the scope of work. Contact us – we will discuss the details and understand how to tell about your product.

When you decide to buy a new smartphone, there is a chance that you will have to break your head not only over which model to choose, but also because of how to transfer applications and everything acquired and downloaded from one device to another.

There are smartphones that come with software and cables to move data. Transferring them from such devices can be difficult, but possible. If your smartphone does not have such functions, the bundle does not imply any extra cables, and you really want to change iOS to Android – this article is for you.

How to Transfer Contacts, Photos and Calendar from iPhone to Android

Install the GoogleDrive app on iOS, sign in with your Google account. In the application menu, select “Settings”, and there “Backup”. After that, log into your Google account on your new Android – all the information is already on your smartphone.

If you want to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android, then select the item “Mail, contacts, calendars” in the iPhone settings, and in the item “Accounts” – iCloud and activate the switch next to the item “Contacts”.

After that, go to icloud.com from your computer, select “Contacts” and click on the settings icon in the lower left corner. Then click “Select All”, click on the settings again and select “Export to vCard”.

Now you can send a document with contacts to your computer, and then to your smartphone: via SD card, mail or the cloud.

If contacts are stored in the iPhone’s memory, you can transfer them to Android through the iTunes application on a PC. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer, open the “Information” tab, in the “Synchronize contacts with …” item, select “Google Contacts” and enter your account.

How to transfer mail

If you used Gmail on your iPhone, then you literally don’t need to do anything, just go to your Google account on your Android device. Alternatively, if you use Outlook, Yahoo or Apple Mail, click Add Account and select the email client you want from the list.

How to transfer apps

The bad news is that the app data you use on iOS can’t be transferred to Android, so you’ll have to install your favorite ones again. The good news is that most mobile apps are developed for iOS and Android, and Google apps generally sync easily and work on both platforms.

How to transfer music

If you are subscribed to the Apple Music service and listen to your favorite artists there, just download the application of the same name in the Google Play Market. This is one of the few (if not the only) Apple apps that android owners can download on Google Play.

Tracks you store on iPhone can be transferred from your PC using the iTunes app. To do this, transfer them to your computer, and then, via iTunes, to your new Android smartphone.


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