Almost every brand uses social media and it has become difficult to be successful on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. Is there a guarantee that your post will be seen among hundreds of thousands of others? The good news is that you can achieve results without investing 100% in social media alone.

Email newsletters

Your audience and followers on social networks do not belong to you, but to a specific platform, and this has its drawbacks. For example, if Instagram decides to change the algorithms, subscribers may not see the posts – this can seriously damage your business.

That’s why a good plan is to strive to build your subscriber base. A custom website or landing page where people can subscribe to your newsletter will always have more value than the number of social media followers.

The problem is, getting followers on Instagram or Facebook can be easier than motivating your audience to leave their email address.

In order for users to share their contacts, let them know that they will receive a lot of useful and interesting content. And only his – no surprises called “spam”. And in case they want to unsubscribe, you will not interfere with this. And advice: never use purchased bases. Your reputation and subscriber quality are more important than the number of emails on your mailing list.

SEO optimization

If your site is mobile-friendly, indexed in search, and filled with useful content that’s fun to read, users won’t be long in coming.

Useful content is one of the important conditions if you need to move up in search results and appear in the eyes of your audience. Of greater interest are companies that do not just advertise services or goods, but share experience and show their expertise. They return to their sites more often and spend longer on it, and by discovering useful content, people learn more about the company and its solutions. This ultimately increases user loyalty, and makes it clear to search engines that your site is good and very popular.

Advertising in Google and Yandex

Google and Yandex advertising includes search engine advertising and remarketing.

People use search engines when they need something. It’s great if they immediately find out that you have this “something”. And if you are somewhere nearby (hello, geotargeting), then the client is almost yours. So while social media advertising is also popular and can be relatively cheap, search marketing leads are often far more effective.

Remarketing is useful if you are selling something directly on your website. This is a great way, for example, to remind your potential customers that they have browsed or were about to buy something, but seem to be distracted and forgot to finish what they started.

Social media is still important, but it’s getting a little crowded. This does not mean that now you can delete all your pages, but it is worth trying to redistribute forces.

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