Why are we going to San Francisco?

The best way to learn is to learn from the best.

This is why we are going to the Silicon Valley, the centerpiece of the start-up scene.

Why, might a few of you ask. Isn’t Cologne beautiful enough? Why do you need to travel so far, you can code here as good as you would do it over there, wouldn`t you?

First, yes, Cologne is one of the greatest cities on earth, but we want to bring the product, the mission and finally our own entrepreneurial skills to the next level.

We have worked on our application for more than 15 months so that it is more than just an application for us by now. It is a mission for us to bring people together and make their life more enjoyable.

Why we are going to San Francisco now? Becuase there is no place on earth with more innovators, early adopters and people that give you honest and constructive feedback. We try to get out there and talk to as much entrepreneurs as possible.

After that, we will be at SxSW in Austin, Texas, one of the largest conferences for Social Media in the world.

And again why now? We have the vision to build up a community of people that love freedom, free speech and help each other. We need to evaluate now, if our product can really bring the value that we expect. We want to stop assuming and start analyzing.

We have already proven the value of the product for a rather small community and developed a great technology that already got outstanding on an international level. However, there is a very long road ahead of us and we are certain that the experiences in Silicon Valley will play a key role in product development and our general thinking about entrepreneurship.

Witali already arrived in San Francisco last Monday to get his first impressions and pave the road for the rest of the team. He is already impressed by the amount of startups, the huge amount of technical innovation and the open mindset of local entrepreneurs.

We will be blogging to share our thoughts and ideas. If you are curious where we are, find us in this new cool app and follow our bubbles. For iOS Beta, please write [email protected] , our android beta can be found under “Music and Art Cologne” in the German Google Play store.

Have a great day,

Björn, Niko, Tim and Witali