Winter is over

Winter is over

Hi everybody,

we thought it’s time to give you a very short overview about the last months. We had some intense last weeks of 2014 that ended with submitting the app to Apples beta programm Testflight, just before before christmas. Take a look at our 2014 summary here.

We renamed and rebranded – the App is called bubble it! and this will be the app button:
In January 2014, Witali Bytschkow joint us officially as a new bubble it! team member. As we had the app ready for beta testing, we organised a couple of events, including discovering the Passagen Interior Design Week with the app. Watch our video summary here.

We received tons of messages and ideas from our very first users and just want to say it again: Thanks so much for all your feedback. We know that there are thousand of things to do and working on it every day.

Last Wednesday, Björn, Niko and Tim flew over to San Francisco, where Witali already spent more than a week to hustle and dive deep into the local start up scene. After a few days, we can already conclude that the trip was worth it. It’s 20 degrees, the sun is shining and we have an incredibly intense time here. Winter is over for us, but we’ll talk about our time here in more detail in another post.

Have a great day,
Björn, Niko, Witali and Tim

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